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Throughout history, dogs have been man’s loyal companions, not only offering affection but also fulfilling essential work roles. From the vast fields to the high mountains, dogs have assisted humans in various tasks. This deep-rooted history paved the way for the modern-day working dog sports we see today. Let’s take a journey back in time […]

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Schutzhund/IGP training! If you’re looking to develop a strong bond with your dog, improve obedience, and unlock their true potential, then this article is for you. Schutzhund (now known as IGP) is a sport that originated in Germany, focusing on testing the working abilities of dogs in three key […]

In front of you, you see a large pool of water. Behind you, your revved up dog is dancing on the tips of their toes waiting to be released. Ready… set… go! On your cue, your dog takes off at full speed, and launches themselves off the dock after their toy into the clear water. […]

Flyball Flyball is fondly referred to as drag racing for dogs. Upon seeing your first tournament, the noise, chaos, and excitement can be overwhelming. However, the finesse and training that goes into this sport is something to be admired. Flyball is one of the few sports that requires the partnership of a team, and each […]


September 5, 2019

K9 Commands

American French German Czech Dutch Heel Au pied(oh-pee-aye) Fuss (foos) K noze(kno zay) left=Volgright=Rechts Sit Assis(ah-see) Sitz (sittz) Sedni(said nee) Zit Stay Reste(rest) Bleib (Bly’b) Zustan Blijf Down Coucher(choo-shay) Platz Lehni(leh nee) Af/Liggen Come / Here Ici (e see) / Viens Hier (hee er) Ke mne(khemn yea) Kom Hier Stand Debout (da-boo) Steh (shtay) Stuj […]

Every dog could use some mental stimulation and exercise. However, dog sports go beyond your regular workouts. Dog games have undergone significant transformation through the years, and now dog enthusiasts have move options to spend time with their dogs playing. Dog sports are now more popular than ever. More dog devotees are trying to find […]

French Ring Rule Book- NARA French Ring Rule Book Mondio Ring Rule Book- FCI USMRA Rule Book FCI IGP Rule Book- USCA IGP 2019 Rules and Regulations AKC Obedience Rules and Regs- AKC Obedience Rules and Regs AKC Agility Rules and Regs- AKC Agility Rules and Regs Dock Dogs Rules and Policies- Dock Dogs Rules and Policies North American Dock Diving […]

Are you looking for a fun outing where you and your dog can bond? Try one of these dog sports! AgilityDogs run with their handlers through a timed obstacle course.American Kennel Club (AKC) Agility North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC) United Stated Dog Agility Association (USDAA) Dock DivingDogs compete in jumping for distance or height over a […]