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Become a Contributor

Do you have something you’d like to share with the sport and working dog community, but would like a way to reach a wider audience than you can get on your own blog or newsletter?

By becoming a contributor, correspondent, reporter or columnist for K9 Sports Nation you’ll not only be able to gain readership and add a feather to your personal resume, but also help promote your product, service or organization all while being a positive force in helping inform and educate the Sport and Working Dog community.

How can you contribute? We’re looking for:

  • Dog training tips and advice
  • Real-life experiences about access issues
  • Product reviews and recommendations
  • Book reviews and recommendations
  • Event coverage
  • Photojournalists, video journalists, Podcasters
  • Legal tips and advice
  • and more (see our list of Current Assignments)

Become a Contributor
Contributors submit content from time-to-time, but not necessarily on a regular basis and encourage others to contribute material.

Become a Correspondent
Correspondents publicize local work, happenings and events, within their own community, and encourage others to contribute material. Correspondents may include some of their own perspective in their writing, as opposed to a reporter.

Become a Reporter
Reporters can either choose assignments (see our running list below) or, if they have a relationship with us, be asked to cover an event, conduct an interview or other task. Reporters avoid editorializing and tell it like it is.

Become a Columnist
Regular writers may be offered their own branded column at our discretion.

Become a Photographer or Videographer
We’re always looking for professional and semi-professional photographers who work with sport and working dogs!

All submitted work must follow our submission guidelines. You’re welcome to submit entire articles or query us first.

Depending on your submission idea, you may want to check with us to make sure we haven’t already accepted an article on the same subject from somebody else. If you don’t have an immediate submission idea, but you’d really like to write for us, please reach out. Be prepared to send samples of your work and/or a link to a resume.

  • Articles, write-ups and stories must be your own. We respect the work of others and you should too. Re-branded articles are not allowed and you must be the sole copyright holder.
  • We allow re-published work or work that has appeared in other places — as long as you are the sole copyright holder and you have permission to re-use your work. It is also perfectly acceptable for you to submit work that appears on your own blog, website or newsletter.
  • PR releases, product reviews and other promotional content are welcome as long as they apply and may be of benefit to the sport or working dog community. Please write your release or review honestly and in a manner that will be interesting to readers.
  • All content must be truthful and honest above all else. We are a positive resource, and is not the proper place for lodging specific complaints about your own housing issues, retail experiences and personal access issues. However, experiences that may help others avoid conflict are encouraged.
  • By submitting your articles, write-ups and stories you grant others the right to publish snippets of your work, as long as they leave your work in it’s original state. Others are permitted to quote content published here as long as they properly cite the source and author.
  • Affiliate links and embedded advertising is strictly not permitted.
  • In some cases, we are able to offer nominal compensation to qualified contributors on a per-article basis.
  • Submitting articles, write-ups and stories does not entitle you to monetary compensation.
  • Submitting an article, write-up or story does not guarantee publication. We reserve the right to reject a submission for any reason.
  • All articles, write-ups or stories must be well-written, engaging and interesting.
  • Use spell check and grammar check please.

How to submit

  • Mail your story and any attachments to info @
  • Include the photographer’s name for any photos you submit
  • Tell us about yourself so we can introduce you to our readers

We prefer not to edit heavily, but we do reserve the right to edit your article for length, clarity or grammar and to format it to make it consistent with our house style. We may make these changes without notice to you. We will not change the content of your article and we can not be responsible for any inaccuracies you include. If we have questions or concerns we will return your submission for you to correct.